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Password dialog for KDE wallet hidden behind applications

Started by WetGeek, February 07, 2023, 05:26:00 PM

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I'm new to Sparky Plasma, but I've opted for KDE Plasma for many years, on every distro I've used.  I've always enabled the "restore previous session" in the system settings, because I typically have about 8 applications running at the time I log off or reboot after an update.  It's a significant inconvenience for them to require manual re-launching for each new session.

Sparky is the first distribution that has required me to create a certificate before enabling the KDE wallet, and since no one else has access to my computers, I've selelected the option that just requires a password instead.

Now, when I log on or reboot, the password dialog flashes on the screen, but is immediately covered up by the session applications that have been restored.  It should have its "keep on top" property set, so that it remains accessible to the user until the password has been provided.

Even better would be for Sparky to include an encryption certificate so that the wallet can be enabled in the settings without any such drama, as other distros do.  The KDE wallet is enabled by default for Sparky Plasma but connecting to a wi-fi source then requires either a cert or a password in order to continue.

The result of this bug is that a wi-fi connection is not restored, which causes numerous problems later.

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