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System is often freezed

Started by MoselUrmel, November 02, 2013, 02:52:59 PM

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i'm a new user of SparkyLinux, and i like it.

I used Ubuntu since a few years, but i think Canonical is on a wrong direction.

My Problem:

I installed of my notebook "SparkyLinux 3.1 MATE i486" and the system running mostly perfect.

But when i am on Youtube an lokking a video, the sytem freezing very often.

Sometimes the screen changed to a text-screen with the message: switching to software fbcon, goes back to graphic-mode

and the system is freezed.

What can i do?

An other driver for the graphic-card?

My notebook is a MSI CR700


Juergen Roth

[edit:] the system is freezing with activated screensaver, too!

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