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Openbox: Activate YAD Exit Window

Started by ClaudiaMS, December 20, 2022, 10:49:57 AM

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My workflow includes the use of the keyboard over the mouse. I have personalised already a lot to my needs thanks the configurability of Openbox, still there is a point I would like to change.
When exiting I press SUPER-Q opening the window with the possible choices. At this point I can't go on with the keyboard by using arrows to choose a button but have to got back to the mouse. I notices that by clicking into the ,,Sparky" symbol at the point, the first button is activated, allowing for a further use of the keyboard, thus the arrow keys.
My questions is how one could activated this YAD window immediately at showing up, so that I can stay with the keyboard.
Hoping for an answer


I found out myself:
in "wm-logout" you have to delete"--skip-taskbar" from the DIALOG line. And you are done.
Afterwards you can choose an option-button in the YAD window with the arrow keys.

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