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pipewire on Spakrylinux?

Started by koepcke2, October 22, 2022, 02:01:29 PM

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I`m using semi-rolling Sparky in my homeoffice for all about two year and it makes a fantastic job :-)
But there is one thing I like to ask for: my Bluethooth Headset is not working fine. I read something about pipewire. Is it possible to change from whatever to pipewire?
kings regards


Hi, Jürgen

Yes! In fact, one reason I gave Sparky Semi-Rollng a try is that it is based on Debian Testing, which will eventually have pipewire instead of pulseaudio by default when Debian 12 is released next year.

I don't have any bluetooth audio devices; however, I did successfully switch from pulseaudio to pipewire and wireplumber on a fresh Sparky install about two weeks ago. No audio problems since then.

I followed the directions for Debian Testing on this wiki page:

Warning: that page is organized in kind of a spaghetti-code way.

Skim through the whole thing first, because when you follow the instructions in the section for Debian Testing, those will tell you to refer to instructions earlier on the page, except with some changes.

Good luck!



spaghetti-code is the right word. :-))
I do not dare to follow the instructions myself.
I think my wired headphone will work til Debian 12.
Thank`s for your help.


If you have the headset paired you may be able to enable it in PulseAudio Volume Control (PAVU), which I find indispensible. It is in the menu section where audio and video applications reside.

I don't use bluetooth audio devices personally but I notice that there is a PulseAudio Bluetooth module preinstalled in my Sparky version. I also noticed that there are "bluez-alsa-utils" and "libasound2-plugin-bluez" packages not installed which might help you, you can easily uninstall them if they do nothing for your problem.

If you load PAVU and open the "Configuration" tab, you will find a list of audio configurations, and hopefully there is a Bluetooth stereo one that gets your device working. I have used it for enabling HDMI audio on older hardware and it works a treat.

Best of luck with it, there is always an answer waiting for us to find it, and sometimes we have to venture from our comfort zones to implement that answer. Just back up first. The Clonezilla live distribution will make an exact copy of a partition, or the whole drive, and will help to reverse a calamity very quickly.


It was an update of bluetooth packages today:
Quote2022-11-23 06:04:57 upgrade bluez:amd64 5.65-1+b1 5.66-1
2022-11-23 06:04:58 upgrade bluetooth:all 5.65-1 5.66-1
2022-11-23 06:04:58 upgrade bluez-cups:amd64 5.65-1+b1 5.66-1
2022-11-23 06:04:58 upgrade bluez-obexd:amd64 5.65-1+b1 5.66-1
2022-11-23 06:04:58 upgrade bluez-source:all 5.65-1 5.66-1
2022-11-23 06:04:58 upgrade libbluetooth3:amd64 5.65-1+b1 5.66-1
Now my Bluethooth Headset can use A2DP and SBC, SBC-XQ and aptX codecs.
I coudn't use aptX codec before it.

Try again and maybe your headset will work.

And you have to install libhidapi-hidraw0 package on Sparky too.

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