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Steam EAC isssue - Fail to load the anticheat issue

Started by Stormcorporal, December 02, 2022, 02:02:37 PM

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Picture of error:

Steam  Failed Easy Anticheat module detection image

Cause: This is due to DT_HASH being removed and replaced by DT_GNU_HASH in Glibc 2.34 and higher versions.
Though, Most users detected it running Glibc 2.36 versions.

Solution: Gentoo, Arch, and other non Ubuntu/Debian distros have patched their Linux Operating system to include both DT_HASH and DT_GNU_HASH in "--hash-style=both". I am not a programmer and still Learning Linux to know what this means. Just did my research on the issue to help SparkyLinux be the first of Ubuntu/Debian distros to resolve this issue since there isn't any fix for them besides using an older version of Glibc less than 2.34. I hope this can be resolved as stated above or some other way that Sparky devs may know. In case more information is needed, check out the following links:

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