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Rolling Hello by way of Notebook i3, 4Gz of RAM

Started by methow, November 09, 2022, 02:14:40 AM

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   Beautiful setup and presentation you folks have offered!
With this i3 and 4Gz RAM ...I've experimented a bit and had fun. I settled with Xfce and XFWM after a few years with Ubuntu based options, especially Linux Mint. My wife still uses Mint. I went on to MX Linux for a few years.
   However, I kept downloading OSes, writing to a USB, loving the ease of partioning with gparted ...and installing ...with less than 100GB for an OS, I could have a dozen distros on my hard drive explore and compare.
   I'm especially interested in rolling distros.
   So, I installed the latest Sparky Linux with Xfce. Then .. sudo apt-get update .. followed by .. sudo apt-get upgrade ..
   Meanwhile, some programs I am used to using ...some I never use I removed a batch and installed a batch. Again I went thru the update and upgrade routine.
   Then I opened /etc/apt/sources.list in my editor of choice for these changes .. featherpad .. which sudo apt-get install featherpad got me.
   I looked at sources.list ...then I opened the directory sources.list.d and opened sparky.list.
   To Make Sparky roll on ...I hope this is correct ...I used the # to comment out the lines with bookworm, copying then pasting that line ...then replacing 'bookworm' with 'testing', without the quotes.
   Now, a couple days along the way, everything seems to be going fine.
   Be glad to share.
   Probably with my constant tinkering ...I'll mess something up ...and need help.. :- )

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