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[SOLVED] Installation can't create EFI boot entry

Started by Sadi, November 03, 2022, 05:33:51 PM

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I've just begun trying Sparky KDE edition as a user-friendly Debian alternative to Ubuntu-based KDE neon and Kubuntu.
My first impressions are very good, particularly happy to continue using the same old Home partition which contains a lot of user customization, settings etc.

I have one installation problem though: The newly installed system rebooted to grub prompt. I was only able to log in by changing the boot order, giving priority to KDE neon, updating grub there, and then selecting Sparky KDE from its grub menu. Unfortunately, different efforts both from a live system, and from within the properly and fully installed Sparky KDE to re-install grub made no difference. At the end I used efibootmgr to directly add an EFI boot entry, which means booting directly into Sparky KDE skipping grub bootloader, which is not a perfect solution since sometimes I need to use other options in the grub menu.

Suggestions would be very much appreciated.


Apparently, Sparky Linux refused to create EFI boot entry because the partition was smaller than 300 MB (as required, maybe not so wisely?), although KDE neon also makes the same warning during installation but still tries and creates EFI boot entry if there's enough space after all.
The same Calamares installer but different result. ;-)
My laptop came with that 260 MB SYSTEM partition, and with three Operating Systems installed now, more than half of it is still empty!
I couldn't resize it, but I created another 500 MB partition to satisfy Sparky Linux, and then it did create EFI boot entry there, which I then manually moved the appropriate folders from sda9 to sda1, and finally got it working.
I hope developers will fix this nuisance created by specifying a 300 MB minimum size, and also refusing to install efi boot entry when the existing efi partition is smaller even when there's plenty of free space there...

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