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SparkyLinux Rolling Edition Bug After System Update

Started by eye_sparkle, October 31, 2022, 02:59:44 PM

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I have installed the latest rolling edition of SparkyLinux(2022.10-1
x86_64/amd64) with LXQt as the default desktop and after successful installation and reboot, the newly installed system have prompted for system update and I have selected the option to proceed with it.

After the said update completes, the first thing I have noticed was, the logout, reboot and other menus disappeared and so there was no option for me to reboot the system and so I run the terminal and rebooted with the command "sudo reboot".

After rebooting and landing on the login screen, the default session is now set to openbox and this is the only option in the list. The LXQt in the session list on the login screen is now gone.

Please help me on how to workaround on these bugs.

Thank you.

Best regards,


Due to upgrading qt libs in Debian testing repos, the lxqt packages in sparky extra repos are incompatible now.

We have to wait for moving lxqt 1.1.0 packages from Debian sid and experimental repos to testing.

Anyway, to fix your present LXQt desktop on Sparky testing (7) downgrade LXQt removing all 1.1.0 packages and installing 0.16.0:
sudo apt purge lximage-qt lxqt-about lxqt-admin lxqt-config lxqt-core lxqt-globalkeys lxqt-notificationd lxqt-openssh-askpass lxqt-policykit lxqt-powermanagement lxqt-qtplugin nm-tray obconf-qt pcmanfm-qt pavucontrol-qt qps qterminal lxqt-archiver sparky-desktop-lxqt liblxqt1 lxqt-runner lxqt-sudo libqtermwidget5-0 qtermwidget5-data libqtermwidget5-1 libqtermwidget5-1-dev
sudo apt autoremove
sudo apt clean
sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sparky-extra.list
sudo apt update
sudo apt install sparky-desktop-lxqt
Then launch sparky-aptus-appcenter -> desktops -> lxqt -> reinstall, to install sparky's lxqt settings.
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