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after installation slow

Started by salseroo, August 21, 2022, 01:15:12 PM

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Hi when i am using


over usb live stick everythink is fast and ok.
but after installation everything is very slow. open apps takes long, installation too.

i tried many thinks.

i start usb live stick with and with out UEFI. Than i have start booting after installation with and without UEFI Harddisc

alwas it is slow.
i do not understand it.
do you know this problem?
do you have a solution for that?



Running a live system from a USB flash drive is always faster then from HDD, it's normal.
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you are right but open firefox or libre office take 4-5 minutes. that is not normal.


Have you tried a different hard drive? (Is it possible yours is failing? Or the cable is bad?). Do other distros do the same thing? (Bodhi Linux, Antix are lightweight ones that come to mind and could be tested).

I've seen weird problems due to not verifying the .iso checksum. Some bit corruption lets it boot the livecd desktop, but the install will be bizarrely afflicted (or vice versa; it's random weirdness). Or, have you run memtest86? I've had bad memory that Windows never touched in a way to be a problem, but a linux distro did. Memory was the absolute _last_ thing I thought it could be, and memtest86 found it in 30 minutes. (So, I'd rule out the checksum and memory, as foolish as it may sound.).

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