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SparkyLinux is one of the best distros

Started by eye_sparkle, August 14, 2022, 10:13:57 AM

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This great distro, SparkyLinux, have the software that I need including the complete LibreOffice Suite along with C and C++ compilers. All of these software are already included in the ISO image making these applications ready at hand after installing the live system to my computer. Hence, there's no need to manually install these programs from the command line.

To everyone involved in the development of SparkyLinux, I would say that all of you did a very good job.
Keep this up.

Please continue to include the said applications in every ISO release, whether it is stable or rolling.

Thank you.


Yes, it is one of the best distros available.  I tried some time back but left it to try others.  Now I am back because Sparky just does things better and the way I like things done!


I couldn't agree more.  I like to distro hop and break distros to see how they hold up, sparkylinux not only
survived my tests but   surpassed any and all expectations I've had of any distro I've tried.

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