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Forgotten password

Started by BobK99, July 18, 2022, 07:11:37 PM

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I installed Sparky 10 days ago, before going away for a week - so my memory of the password wasn't reinforced by daily use. To add to the uncertainty, my Caps Lock light doesn't work, so when creating the password I may have got upper-/lower-case mixed up. So I'm sure I can get in eventually, but am bound to get it wrong once or twice.

Does the o/s police failures (so that even when I get the password right the o/s won't let me in because I've failed too often?). I had a go for 10 minutes yesterday, before realizing I might be wasting my time.

At worst, I can reinstal from scratch - I've only lost a couple of hours' work.



I am not sure how many times you can try, never tried myself.

Anyway, you don't need to reinstall Sparky. Launch Sparky Rescue Edition in live mode as it is, run Chrooter app, which lets you mount your root partition of your hard disk installation as root user with no password.
Then change your password as follows:
passwd yournick
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Thanks very much. I'll do that when the temp tips below 100 deg F :-)

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