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[solved ] usb wifi help on conpile and install RTL8812BU

Started by klein5366, May 31, 2022, 10:38:45 PM

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my son bought a wifi usb and it gave the instructions for ubuntu, after build and install it didn't work.
installed from this page
and when he does sudo ip link set wlx1cbfcea97791 down in a terminal it tells him device not found.
after some digging i came across this page
i came across this page
it list downloads for different kernels, do i have to uninstall something before rebuilding a new driver?
when installed will network manager pick it up?
also i was not formulator with the iw command, sparky is telling me it is installed but set to manual install
confusing, system i'm dealing with sparkylinux minimalgui install 6


my son hooked the computer to ethernet cable to lan and poof the wifi is working, usb after last night restarting this computer three times so it healed it's self over night.

sudo ip link set wlx1cbfcea97791 down
sudo iw wlx1cbfcea97791 set monitor none
sudo ip link set wlx1cbfcea97791 up
and the above code was never run.

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