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Black wallpaper and no apps in the main screen. SparkyLinux GameOver Edition

Started by Bodzio, May 21, 2022, 09:39:38 AM

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I have black wallpaper and no apps on main screen(desktop).
I logout and log in again and only wallpaper came back but apps didin't.
I see apps and other files in the desktop folder but no in the main screen.
Walpaper is turning black when i turn off and on the computer and i need log in again.
i turned off save session and sparky totally changed design and when i log in it say Debian 11 not Sparky linux GameOver
I can't browse installed programs
Pls help. I want old design and apps on main screen the system after update


Having same issue. I can access my files and apps thru panel and app launcher but nothing on desktop screen and can't change wallpaper. When I try to put apps on screen error message says can't open home /owner file, but that the file oes exist. any ideas on how to fix.

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