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Hello Guys & Girls!

Started by WeirdGnome, June 24, 2022, 11:21:10 AM

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Just wanted to say hello to all of you! My name is Matty and I'm linux user since forever now. I remember hating Windows Xp because it was bloated so I switched to linux. Now ages and aeons later that same happened to linux world. In the past I loved Mepis Linux that was based on kde 3.5.Then the disaster happened and all the developers decided to rewrite those DEs. Now all the major linux desktops are bloated as hell and gnome isn't even usable. So I started distro hopping and it seems that Sparky lxQt works like a breeze on my thinkpad x200. I use it to learn fullstack programing. I hope you guys have amazing and great day! cheers! 

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