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New user, trying to offer a bug fix

Started by kwg, May 13, 2022, 11:39:02 PM

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I am a longtime Linux user. While I have settled happily into Arch-based EndeavourOS as my daily driver, I have always installed Xubuntu on the computers of friends and family. Recently, I have soured on Xubuntu, mainly because of the imposition on users of Snap packages, especially Firefox, so now I'm looking for another Debian-based distribution for friends and family.

I am running Sparky (Xfce) and SolydX (also Xfce) in testing environments, and I must say that Sparky Xfce is wonderful. I experienced a few problems with the out-of-the-box Sparky experience, mainly with the rendering of fonts in Firefox, but I was able to resolve these problems. (Unfortunately, my friends and family who would use Sparky do not have the expertise to fix such problems on their own, so I am a little concerned.)

I love the ambition that Sparky has shown with APTus. While I would ordinarily use the command line to perform the tasks facilitated with APTus, I look forward to being able to instruct ordinary users (my friends and family) to use APTus instead of the command line.

While testing the APTus app, I noticed a problem, and I developed a solution. I tried to post my solution to the forums. However, whenever I try to post a new topic to the Applications category, I receive a permissions error. Maybe, as a new member, I am not allowed to create a new topic.


When I attempt to post a bug fix, I continue to see:


You don't have permission to access this resource.


Probably your bug fix features some forbidden by firewall quotes, sorry.
Better way to do so is posting it on github.
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I have just now posted my bug fix to GitHub.

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