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Sparky 6.2 slow boot

Started by Henry1, April 08, 2022, 07:02:20 AM

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[Solved] Slow boot time Sparky 6.2 XFCE

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In the last few weeks, my notebook Hp (8gb RAM, HDD 500GB, CPU Intel I3 2Gen) with Sparkylinux 6.2 xfce, has increased the boot time on average of 5-6 seconds, I also tried Peppermint and Amarok Linux (based on Debian) but it's even worse, I tried to disable some services at the boot but doesn't change that much, so I think it has got something to do with Debian. Maybe security and/or processors updates?? Has anyone experienced the same problem yet??I have now unistalled exim4 which I don't use and disabled some services like blueman-service, bluetooth, wait on line manager service to wait about 45-46 seconds for the login screen; till a month ago, I had not to do this to get the login screen in 46-47 seconds, I also checked the boot time with systemd-analyze blame and there's nothing else I can disable...


Google about systemd-analyze (maybe the "blame" parameter). That gives insight into what systemd is doing at bootup (the sort of info we used to see in sysvinit logs). You should see something there, and could post that info here for people to comment on. (Sorry I can't tell you how to use it. I haven't used it for a long time. But, it's the commonly-recommended first step to figuring out what's going on.


I have already checked and disabled thanks to systemd-analyze blame the services I don't need at boot start but until a month ago, I had not to do this to get to the login screen in about 46-47 seconds...I have seen the same thing with Peppermint and Amarok Linux which are based on Debian, that's why I think it has got to do with security and/or new processor updates that have come out recently.


The slow boot was caused by Blueman-mechanism.service so that once I disabled it at start, the notebook has gone back to the normal boot time...

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