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Hello; Lid open strange behaviour solved (Lenovo T450s)

Started by tom44, May 05, 2022, 08:36:59 PM

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I have Sparky Linux with XFCE on my Lenovo T450s for a few days now and on my desktop for a few weeks. Liked it on the desktop where I installed it just to test a new distro on my new (second-hand) computer, so I migrated my laptop from SolydX as well.
On the laptop I had a small (and quite weird as well) problem when closing and then opening the lid: After opening it, only a small area in the center of the screen was accessible to the touchpad cursor (like if the cursor was in an invisible cage) and the applications nor the window manager reacted to the keyboard - no way to close apps, logout from X, save opened file, restart etc. Thankfully, at least the Ctrl-Alt-F1 can switch me to the console, which had worked normally. Closing the lid also does not seem to make the laptop sleep, it only blanks the screen, this is i suppose just a matter of a setting I have yet to find. Since I remember similar wake problems from my previous distros, one thing I tried was to simply uninstall xscreensaver, and this helped. It also removed sparky-desktop-xfce, but I suppose I can live without this metapackage. I put it down here mostly for others with similar problems, also maybe someone can point out a better way to solve the wake problem, making the xscreensaver behaving as it should, instead of removing it.

I had to change X resolution settings, since everything was a little too small on the 14" full HD display with the default 96 dpi resolution- just a matter of googling the solution. I still have to do the same on the console.
Otherwise, the system looks good and seems quite snappy, I also like how it installed hassle-free in dualboot EFI mode.

I hope such "more report than a question" entry about a new install is appropriate in the Newbie part of the forums.
Regards, Tomas Brunclik

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