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Your Apps Suggestions

Started by pavroo, April 04, 2022, 03:11:19 PM

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Past below what you wish to see in Sparky.
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1) A tweak app which can fix screen tearing and other common issues like network problems.

2) Non-Flatpak version of Bottles, It's a GUI app for wine and running windows apps and games,it also supports runners of lutris and proton etc., So it would be great if you provide it pre-installed with
 Sparky linux.

3 A GUI app for managing flatpaks and app images.

4) An App to fetch missing gpg keys and to fix problems regarding gpg keys.

5) The Sparky welcome app is not working in the rolling release, improve and fix it, ASAP.

Thank you


I would like to see these three available in SparkyLinux 7 Orion-Belt (the ones I mentioned a few months ago):

➤ Want to know how you can use a program you have never used before? "man" will be your best new friend! Type "man <pkg-name>" in a shell.
➤ Or, point your browser to "<pkg-name>" .... RTFM !!!


What a great forum thread is! If it's not difficult, please, add some smart astrology program, like Traditional Morinus
Otherwise, there is nothing for an astrologer to do on Linux. Also see there:  on your choice.


➤ Want to know how you can use a program you have never used before? "man" will be your best new friend! Type "man <pkg-name>" in a shell.
➤ Or, point your browser to "<pkg-name>" .... RTFM !!!


This may be more than requested, but there is a very useful program called "torrent-file-editor." It's only available for Windows, but the author makes the sources available for Linux. That's a pain for most people. It requires QT4 and libqjson. I was able to compile it once on MX 19, but haven't been able on newer systems. I've been thinking about installing MX19 again, and see if I can make a flatpak so it's available for other Linux users. But, I wouldn't know how to make a flatpak (or how to make it available to others).

If torrent-file-editor was available on Sparky (as an installable .deb or flatpak), I think it would drive people to Sparky. It seems to be the only thing anyone ever refers to when the question arises (how to edit a torrent file). But, it hasn't made it to this level of availability (and, it's increasingly a pain to compile). It seems like a stable tool. It hasn't changed in over 2 years (there were three releases over the 9 months prior to that, fixing reported bugs. The torrent-file format doesn't evolve much. It seems like it's going to remain as is now. Just a basic tool to edit torrent files, and perhaps the only tool. Transmission has a cli which can add/remove/replace announce URLs. The tool I'm suggesting does more than that: description, author, created-by, etc. ).

I just wanted to mention it as a possible niche Sparky could fill?


There is a rather curious programming language Kuroko.
"Kuroko is a lightweight, bytecode-compiled, dynamic, interpreted programming language with familiar Python-compatible syntax and a small, embeddable core - small enough that you can try it right here in your browser!"
They even have the amd64.deb package:


Add to APTus AppCenter
OpenSnitch is a GNU/Linux interactive application firewall
vpn gate client for linux

ProtonVPN not installing via APTus AppCenter!!!(sparkylinux-6.6-x86_64-xfce.iso)


OpenSnitch  the interactive application firewall, is available in the Debian Bookworm packages (use Synaptic) .



I think that some of the Mx-Tools are very useful. Can you work on it ? (You can include them in a separate tab of Aptus)

Some of MX/Tools
User Manager Panel (Create/Delete/Rename)
Grub Repair/Installer
Check APT /GPG (adding possibility to delete the expired or unwanted keys)
Usb Unmount

some new tools
fstrim (manual installer/scheduler)
startup boot process applications

any other ideas that you have.

thanks in advance


Suggests disabling the key database by default. With applications such as Brave or Skype, a window is displayed asking you to enter your password.

I wish you continued success.

Thanks for Spark!


Here's something I'd like to see in Sparky, but I'm not sure if it's appropriate, because it lacks a maintainer:
Reason: it allows qpdfview to open epub files, while I'm struggling to find another lightweight ebook reader.
Unfortunately, as discussed in a bug report, the plugin is regarded as experimental due to the lack of a maintainer – as such, it's been removed from Debian Bullseye.

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