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Cherrytree from Sparky Repo Crashes Frequently

Started by Iggy64, January 25, 2022, 09:28:11 PM

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Hello.  I am a new Sparky user, running Sparky 7 (semi-rolling) xfce.  Installation was a breeze, and the system is running very well.

One of the first apps that I installed myself was Cherrytree v0.99.44 from the Sparky Orion repo.  I use this app a great deal in my profession and in my hobbies.  Unfortunately, this Sparky version crashes frequently (perhaps a few times per day).  It seems related to the "Save" command.  If autosave is enabled with a short (few minutes) interval, the crashes occur more often.  If autosave is turned off, crashes happen much less frequently, but may occur upon a manual save, in which case even more work is lost. 

I brought this issue to the attention of the developer (Giuseppe Penone), who graciously agreed to look into it for me, and a discussion thread was initiated on GitHub.

Meanwhile, the Sparky repo upgraded Cherrytree to 0.99.45, which exhibits the same tendency to crash.

I therefore removed Cherrytree, and then installed v. 0.99.43 from the Debian Bookworm repo.  This runs perfectly fine.  I have put this version on "hold," so that it will not get upgraded from Sparky Orion.  Therefore, I am not in need of any help, as my problem is solved.

However, I thought it a good idea to mention the issue to the Sparky team, in case other users at some point encounter this issue and are looking for a work-around.

I can add that I have run Cherrytree on other Debian systems in recent months.  On my Debian Buster machine (back in September), there was no Cherrytree in the Buster repo.  I installed the Flatpak, but that exhibited the same crash-on-save issue I got with the Sparky version.  On my Debian Bullseye machine, Cherrytree was available from the Bullseye main repo, and it ran very well.

Again, this note is for your information only.  I am not in need of any assistance.  Thank you for the great work on this distro.  It suits my needs very well, and is making Debian easier to manage on a day-to-day basis.


Removed it from Sparky repos.
No need to compile it myself any more.
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