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Hello! :-)

Started by tuatha-solas, November 09, 2021, 11:31:55 AM

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Hi and can I first say thank you for all your work on Sparky. I just installed the Mate rolling version yesterday, and absolutely love it! Really fast/clean, easy to install, and a particular thank you also for media-downloader being available; makes things so much easier, rather than lots copy/paste. Really appreciate; also hydrapaper, which I've just found and works perfectly in Mate! 
Came to linux in may 2017, through mint, then neptune, manjaro, anarchy, mint. I'd not say I'm good at tech stuff; I've found my limits over the years, and keep things as simple and practical as possible. Art is my main thing. Also recently discovered reading again, and thrilled that pocketbook, and ruizu mp3 player for audiobooks, work so easily on linux. Have been able to set system up very easily, and all I needed to do differently was learn to use dpkg -i for a few deb files. Really happy with Sparky. Thanks again. 

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