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kscreen, what is it for?

Started by SparkyBookworm, December 19, 2021, 12:22:43 AM

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What is kscreen and why do I have to disable it in order to set a viable screen resolution in Virtualbox?

using terminal:

qdbus org.kde.kded5 /kded unloadModule kscreen

Will anything bad happen if I uninstall kscreen?


I just [Solved] this myself. But hosed a Manjaro Virtualbox installation doing so. I deleted kscreen using:

sudo pacman -R kscreen

rebooted. The resolution changed back to unusable. Deleting kscreen ruins your Gui's ability to change resolution in System Settings. The Display/resolution option disappears. Trying to 'fix' it noob style did NOT work for me either, using:

sudo pacman -S kscreen

It went through the re-installation process of kscreen which i had just deleted but the Gui for display is still missing. lol. Lucky I was already most likely going to uninstall that Manjaro-virtualbox in the future. Still a shame though having to enter in the qdbus command to shut down the kscreen to fix resolution every time, at least several times a session in virtual box.

My opinion. Don't delete 'kscreen' unless you know how to fix it as reinstalling kscreen does not seem to do it automatically.

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