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Cannot start after installation on X41

Started by venik212, January 01, 2022, 01:36:09 PM

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I tried 3 times to install SparkyLinux on a Thinkpad X41. Each time the installation finished without any errors, but when I rebooted I only got a blank screen.  VERY frustrating!  I have tried several other linux distros with no problem, so I don't think it is me, but you never know...
   The X41 has a 55 gb hard disk and 1.5 gb of RAM.  Any help will be appreciated.

PS-- a note to the forum maintainers: Black text on dark blue background is nearly invisible to humans with normal color vision-- look it up!

Bill Statler

Sorry I can't help with your installation issue, but maybe I can help with the forum colors. From the main menu: Profile > Summary, then from that page, Modify Profile > Look and Layout. Try changing your theme from the default to "SMF Default Theme - Curve".

(I'm using the default theme, and I don't have any black text on dark blue background. Not sure why you're seeing this, but the alternate theme might fix it.)


Unable to install X41 in my machine.  Can you share any method.

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