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Author Topic: Installation of Sparky on separate SSD disk  (Read 109 times)

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Installation of Sparky on separate SSD disk
« on: December 02, 2021, 08:44:48 pm »
My desktop has one SSD disk with Win10 on it. This disk contains a UEFI enabled Windows 10 installation.

I have bought a second SSD M.2 disk. I want to install Sparky 7 on it. I will set Sparky to run first when booting the system. I have few questions about this:

1. If I install Sparky on a second SSD, does nothing get confused with system startup? I do not want to overwrite esp partition on Windows drive.
2. A clean installation of Sparky will format the disk under GPT and uefi?
3. Is it enough to install on the second SSD disk and select Grub installation on it?
4. Should I remove the SSD with Windows before installing Sparky?

I note that I do not want a dualboot. I will select boot order via F8 when starting the computer or I will set the order in the BIOS.