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Network driver help

Started by elwol, November 10, 2021, 07:13:46 AM

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Alright.  Newbie to linux.  Every few years I throw linux onto a usb, run it, play with it then...go back to my windows pc.  Why, it simply works.  I don't do programming like I used too 20yrs ago, and even then it was a hobby where any os simply worked.

One thing that has always thrown me into not using linux as a desktop os is, drivers.  And installing stuff.  I know I am nitpicking saying...its not like windows, but seriously being able to plug something in, and use it in 20seconds, grows on a old man.

But I am oddly at a point where my old pc, from 2008, is coming to an end with windows 11.

Raid0 setup with 4 ssds.  Everything backed up to onedrive so failures don't scare me.  Funny enough ssd failure has brought me here.
AMD X4 955
Radeon HD5700 Video card
8GB Ram
Netgear A6100 wifi adapter

My PC as you see from it's age went from Vista, 7, 8, 10.  Starting with insider builds since 7 back in 2010.  Again not afraid of failures.  Don't laugh this thing is on 24/7 never crashes, i seriously don't remember the last time I rebooted (it installs updates when i sleep so yea).  I run Blender, Onshape (through browser), Cura, Octoprint, gimp, etc etc.  All day no issues.  But is old and showing its age.

Why sparky?  Honestly it was the only linux to boot up from a usb on my old system.  Others did but looked horrible.  So I am assuming the graphics driver is working.

What I can't get to work, is my wifi adapter.  It seems I need an internet connection to install from git.  The url is here:

However, that pc is other side of the house in a heavy as hell full tower HAF case.  Don't want to unhook everything to get it wired up.  which i don't even know if i have a ethernet cable anymore.  Been on wifi since forever.

So in windows, i simply plug in usb, navigate to .exe or msi...or go to device manager and install from file.  Yes I got used to lazy.

So after all that rant/info...

How would I do this in SparkyLinux.  If i download that file to a usb, from git.  What do I do to get that driver installed and maybe get my wifi to work?  I am assuming opening the terminal is a start...but being a newb I am sadly lost from my old linux ways of 20yrs ago.


Some devices are better supported than others - the same is true for all operating systems and bizarrely older hardware can be more of a problem.

The link you provide points to a driver you would have to compile yourself - which you may feel is a bit beyond your comfort zone.

TBH the easiest option is to spend a few bucks on a little USB wifi dongle that does work out of the box

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