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Minimal GUI stable plus Mate DE - updates?

Started by Algy, October 08, 2021, 07:36:02 PM

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(I'm not new to Linux, but in the 'permanent newbie' class.)
I'm using Mint Mate but also looking for a friendly Debian based distro. I found live LMDE unusable due to freezes and other weird behaviour (and I don't like Cinnamon), but trying several live Sparkies have so far found it absolutely rock solid.
What I would like is Stable Mate, which isn't in the downloads.  (Bit frightened of semi-rolling – should I be?.)
I believe I can use the Advanced Installer to add Sparky minimal GUI plus the Mate DE to my current setup, and then add all the other applications that I want.
Is this effectively Sparky Mate Stable? Are there possibly any problems / conflicts? I have tried it live and it seems to work ok (but I don't understand what goes on 'under the hood' at all).
BUT what about updates and upgrades? As far as I can tell from the wiki, I'd (automatically?) get notifications of updates, but could I miss any, or might there be other problems? Any thoughts / advice will be very gratefully received.


There is not Sparky stable MATE iso due to lack of time.
But you can install it using Advanced Installer or APTus.
Anyway, updater automatically checks for new updates every system boot, if your internet connection is on. If not, you can do it yourself from menu-> System-> Upgrade tool, or via APTus-> Update, then Upgrade.
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Ok, thank you Pavroo.
Good. So it looks like no problems with updates (as long as things are installed from APTus Appcenter).
But what about future version upgrades (like 5 to 6 etc) – would that be simple, or would I have to reinstall everything to create my 'Mate Stable' all over again?


Quote(as long as things are installed from APTus Appcenter).
No matter how you install debs, via APTus, Synaptic or comand line.

There is dist upgrade guide on Wiki:

If I have enough time, will try to create Sparky 6 MATE iso in December.
Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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I was thinking of my Firefox ESR 91 which I have to update via FF itself.

Thanks for the link re upgrades - I think I understand. I'll have to try to get my spare PC up and running so I can experiment properly.

A stable MATE version would be great!

Thanks again for your help (sorry for my newbieness).


@algy Regarding your newbieness, the thing to remember when setting up a system in Linux is the following:
#1 Linux Strength is: " You can do anything you want."
#1 Linux Concern is: " You can do anything you want."

The bottom line is "remember" to backup before you embark on anything risky (with respect to your skills). Research what you want to do (use Google or similar) and then have fun.

If you remembered to backup before you started something new, you can always get back to your last stable point.

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Thanks manyroads. Words of wisdom.
As they say, you learn best through mistakes - but preferably other people's.

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