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Sparky upgrade 5 to 6, risks and alternatives


Several times already I've been using `sparky-upgrade` (see https;// for upgrading my system. Each time the system failed to boot after a successfully completed upgrade and I've had to preform `grub-install` from a live CD. It's a very basic system, no dual boot, just sparkylinux with a root partition and a home partition. And still it wasn't possible to perform a single system upgrade without breaking it.

Now I'm contemplating to upgrade 5 to 6. This is not possible with `sparky-upgrade` anymore, but I have seen another solution:

--- Quote ---Upgrading Sparky 5 to 6:
Get it:
wget https;//
Make it executable:
chmod +x sparky-dist-upgrade56
Run it:
sudo ./sparky-dist-upgrade56
--- End quote ---

By the way, this script comes with a warning:

--- Code: ---# This script lets you upgrade your Sparky 5 installation to Sparky 6.
# It is provided as it is, means no guarantee that will be working with no problems, you are using it on your own risk!
--- End code ---

Looking back at my previous experiences when it comes to the system upgrade, I'm terrified that something will go wrong, possibly much worse than just a GRUB setup.

Did anyone already use this upgrading method?
Please share your experience.

Are there any alternative upgrade solutions (that are more reliable)?
Like maybe upgrading from a live CD... How to do that?

I would like to avoid full installation if possible. It's a very old PC and I'm not willing to invest a lot of time in it.


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