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KDE Plasma updates errors <SOLVED>

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Yesterday I had a problem logging into my account. There was a black screen and only the mouse pointer was working.
I had to use Timeshift to log in and go back to October 16th.
There was another update this morning and after restarting I can't login again.
It stopped typing a password and froze the screen.
Now I have to use Timeshift again.
Is Kde Plasma stable on Debian? Should I not update the system at all?

What edition? stable or rolling?

Ok, its confirmed on testing.

A problem is with kwin x11 5.21.5.

Temporary enable debian sid repos.
Install 'kwin-x11' package and all its dependencies from Sid.
Disable Sid repos, then reboot.

I am on Sparky 7.
Should I upgrade to Plasma 5.23 and then install kwin-x11 and its dependencies from sid repo?
I restored my system to October 16th again. Then i upgraded system to Plasma 5.23. I enabled sid repos.

I see that Muon shows kwin-x11 packages version 5.23 and 5.21.5. Should I install kwin-x11 version 5.21.5 and block it?
Kwin-x11 is related to kwin-addons. Should i install kwin-addons 5.21.5  too?

Upgrade kwin-x11 with its dependencies only as i said before.
Don't know how newer plasma work.


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