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Sparky upgrade 5 to 6, risks and alternatives

Started by blnlx, October 21, 2021, 06:28:08 PM

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Several times already I've been using `sparky-upgrade` (see https;// for upgrading my system. Each time the system failed to boot after a successfully completed upgrade and I've had to preform `grub-install` from a live CD. It's a very basic system, no dual boot, just sparkylinux with a root partition and a home partition. And still it wasn't possible to perform a single system upgrade without breaking it.

Now I'm contemplating to upgrade 5 to 6. This is not possible with `sparky-upgrade` anymore, but I have seen another solution:
QuoteUpgrading Sparky 5 to 6:
Get it:
wget https;//
Make it executable:
chmod +x sparky-dist-upgrade56
Run it:
sudo ./sparky-dist-upgrade56

By the way, this script comes with a warning:
# This script lets you upgrade your Sparky 5 installation to Sparky 6.
# It is provided as it is, means no guarantee that will be working with no problems, you are using it on your own risk!

Looking back at my previous experiences when it comes to the system upgrade, I'm terrified that something will go wrong, possibly much worse than just a GRUB setup.

Did anyone already use this upgrading method?
Please share your experience.

Are there any alternative upgrade solutions (that are more reliable)?
Like maybe upgrading from a live CD... How to do that?

I would like to avoid full installation if possible. It's a very old PC and I'm not willing to invest a lot of time in it.
Fedora33.GNOME@Dell_Latitude_E7490; Fedora32.MATE@HP_Compaq_6830S; SparkyLinux.5.15.LXQt@HP_Compaq_DC7100

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