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sparkylinux install problem aspire7720z

Started by klein5366, October 01, 2021, 02:45:02 AM

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good day all
i'v been experimenting with a aspire7720z ,
in the beginning i was having a heat/fan issue, but it would install and run sparky 5, 6, and 7 with no other problems .
so i found from acer a bios update, and of cores it was a gui based program that needed windows installed.
so i installed win 7 home, installed the bios update, it rebooted its self windows came up and then blue screen of death ,
reboot black screen with two choices boot windows normally or try and fix it , this never works but i tried the fix it .
after  what seemed for ever it rebooted and win7 booted no problem. windows fixed it's self .
so i deleted win7 and installed sparky 7 install went fine i rebooted it and oops. no boot device found, so i booted live sparky 7
and mounted the drive and half the files in home/user dire are not the.
deleted sparky 7 and installed sparky 6 same this in the same place same files missing,
deleted sparky 6 and installed 5.11 and it did the same thing same place same files missing,
gparted ran from live sparky , gparted says the file system is fine everything passed the file check.
i think something with the bios is messing with the install script stopping it before grub gets installed.

is there a way to watch the install, like in cli all the commands that are being ran and the out puts, or divert >> to a file ?


This looks more like a UEFI/BIOS settings problem than OS problem.
Did You go into UEFI/BIOS after update and set up hard disk or boot options?
Maybe there is a problem with ME Region?


good day all
first problem is bios up date, installed the 1.45 bios and the fans run fine.
       the bios has to have a password set to install any os including win7 after install you can clear the password.
this aspire7720z cpu 1.60 mhz    fsb 533 mhz so it is conceivably slow , i believe that while generating initrd just before installing grub the install script stalls out, once i had an message saying
a routine did not complete  600sec. timed out.
so i had a systemback image of sparky 6 minimal gui, i installed that , install went fine reboot went fine no problems .
i have done 6 aspire7720z's so far with out a problem

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