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Sway Mouse Issue

Started by 8bit, September 27, 2021, 05:37:11 PM

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Installed : sparkylinux-2021.09-x86_64-minimalgui - Autologin

Apt update && upgrade

Sparky APTus AppCenter - add Sway desktop.

Log out - select Sway desktop - login - no mouse.

Reboot to Sway desktop - mouse.

Logout - login - Sway desktop - no mouse.

The only time I get a mouse is when booting straight to Sway desktop.

Any time I logout and back in - no mouse.

Reproducible all day.



I have to say, where else is one able to try such a thing as this; Debian bookworm and Sway WM.
Only here. SparkyLinux is uniquely different from all those other distros.



I booted sparkylinux-2021.09-x86_64-minimalcli.iso

sudo apt update
sudo apt install sparky-backup-core
sudo sparky-installer
selected sway for desktop.

Install went okay, rebooted.
Small terminal shows up on one monitor.
Typed sway.
Sway desktop shows up on part of one monitor.



I think you login to the default session not sway.
So, log out, and choose Sway from the list on the top right corner icon, the type your login and password.

Missing one dependecy, that's why it happend; fixed now.
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