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Latest rolling release.

Welcome screen on Desktop bootup still shows Sparky 6 Po Tolo as has been reported before.
Create new link to location still errors with : Could not find the program 'usr/bin/iceweasel'


--- Quote from: 21grams on September 19, 2021, 01:14:56 am ---Latest rolling release.
Create new link to location still errors with : Could not find the program 'usr/bin/iceweasel'

--- End quote ---
If you paste that command into Konsole, does it work?

No and I would not expect it to as iceweasel is not part of clean installs for many years.
The URL link created works in MATE latest rolling as it does with my 2016 sparky MATE install which had iceweasel as default browser (now FF 91.0.1). KDE neon and manjaro kde link correctly to default browser. EDIT: hmmm perhaps that might be what is needed to point correctly ; remove ESR and install latest firefox and see if link is corrected overriding the iceweasel instruction.
There will be a residual lurking somewhere - perhaps an infile search will discover that.

Link issue SOLVED.

~/.config/kdeglobals is the issue with links.
The browser application is set to /usr/bin/iceweasel
Changed to correct path of default browser and voila - link created to URL now opens.

Interesting to see appamour sanitised ubuntu iceweasel in an infile search. Perhaps iceweasel is still used.

It is an old KDE settings, updated now.
Anyway, added a fix to sparky-core which you get via regular update.


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