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Nvidia and latest kernel



Time to time I am installing newest Linux kernels and Nvidia driver failed (an old card, installed latest NVidia drivers, works fine for the "stable" kernel). On other distros (e.g. Manjaro) it is no problems for the same (or newer) version of Linux kernel and the same (or newer) Nvidia driver. Is it applied policy for Sparky development (don't bother with NVidia for testing/unstable kernels) or it may be fixed moving forward?

This is just one complain against that rather great and fast distro.


I am not an expert on NVIDIA and their crap treatment towards Linux, BSD's etc.     Some people who use Nvidia cards find after time goes by -  that they do not need the closed source Nvidia binary driver and can use the open sourced Debian nouveau binaries.   Not actually a solution, but it can be a work around for some. 


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