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finally... something i can work with

Started by oatraa, September 27, 2021, 09:59:11 AM

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bounced around quite a bit, for various reasons, some menu not doing what i want or ...
... had a problem with the Calamares installer, wound up doing the minimal-gui iso and choosing the text installer with OpenBox Dark.  It's really nice.
Then i went to terminal and installed 'nvidia-driver' and 'steam', and it went very well indeed.  Currently installing DCUO, using Proton 4.11x. (it works).
After that I installed the new firefox, nice to see that in the repo.  Watching the AJ Sunday show.  He has someone on from Australia, leader of the ONE party, talking about ... things.
While watching video i opened terminal and 'aptitude', to access the 'tasks'.  Installed all the DE like Cinnamon and stuff, but not 'debian' or 'gnome' but yes 'gnome-fallback'.  Also no LXDE, there was something broken, i just cancelled.  Same with XFCE.  Pretty sure the rest installed ok.
So, way too many menu items, lol, but... options galore.
Let's see if DCUO launches... yeah, it's goin.  old but good.  (not blizzard, sucks to be them, eh)
so happy to have it just work... honestly; i guess distrohopping can be a learning experience, lol
good old debian, and thanks sparky for making debian easy

sosfree, fluoridefree, fungusfree, eat your oatmeal
sosfree, fluoridefree, fungusfree, eat your oatmeal

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