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Pinta crashes

Started by vp_nbi, September 17, 2021, 02:37:15 AM

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Anyone get Pinta to run without crashing (due to mono bug - Debian is using an ancient version of mono ( - over a year old) so Pinta is probably hitting this bug. Haven't checked yet if manually installing the latest mono solves this issue. Sadly this makes Pinta a PITA.  ::)

It seems version 1.7 is unstable (i.e. prone to crashes). I reinstalled all the mono packages and tried the old 1.6.2 version - so far no crashes. I actually gave up on Pinta years ago precisely because of the frequent crashes. If 1.6.2 starts crashing I'll just give up on pinta (again) - I've made do without it for years by just using Gimp and Kolourpaint neither of which has ever crashed.

No I was wrong, 1.6.2 crashes as well. I should have known better. You'd think with all the crash reports over the years someone would be motivated to make it more solid. 🙄

For those who are interested in a pinta-like tool you might want to check out Krita. It has a similar interface style, lots of capabilities, but not as heavyweight as Gimp. Krita is linux native without any mono dependencies and is actively supported.

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