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How can I add the Sparky Linux Repo to a raw debian install?


Hi there....

I am interested in making a CDE Desktop Environment on my laptop.... you know.. for fun! I have been playing in a VM with Sparky and been very impressed, but I am not ready to fully swap from BusenLabs to Sparky on my Laptop.... but I would still like to spend time in CDE to see how it feels long term, once the retro feeling goes away.

Anyway. I know I can compile CDE. I found some instructions here.

--- Code ---
--- End code ---

But I thought as you guys have a nice functioning binary, that will probably get updates in your repo.. a better option would be to add the repo and install it using apt install cde-desktop

: TL;DR :

* How can I add the sparky repo to a normal debian install so I can install CDE through apt using your curated binary of the application?
* Is there are strong reasons why I shouldn't do that? Like apt will only search the sparky repo if it can not find it in the default repos right, as apt searches repos in order.. is that correct?


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