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Tutorials or other resources on how to customise CDE Desktop?


Hi... I am interested in CDE Desktop. I was able to install it fine using the CLI Minimal Installer but I am having problems finding anything on how to customise it. Like does anyone know any youtube videos that cover how to customise it.. or any other resources?

Like out of the 10 draws... there is only 3 active... and how do you rename them, remove items from them or add to them.

I have some other setup questions like can you make desktop hotkeys binds, to say mod4+<enter> to launch a terminal or something or swap the desktop. Or like how can I get the CDE login prompt as it still installed a modern looking windows manager.

I know these are basic cde desktop questions... but I can not seem to find any tutorials on customising them.



--- Code ---
--- End code ---

That's all I found.


I messed with it a while back. Same issues. I installed Window maker and this :
--- Code ---
--- End code ---

You might check here:
--- Code ---
--- End code ---

--- Code ---
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