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No more Xcfe for stable 32 bit versions?


Just a small question.

I saw that in the downloads for 32 bits version (latest stable 6 version) that there seems to be no more Xcfe version.
Are there still plans for a 32 bit Xcfe version or is this the end of Xcfe for 32 bit?

I know that 32 bit versions are on the way out.

Just finished updating an existing installation 32 bit Xcfe installation, the upgrading seems to work well.

No really.
Added 1 more iso of KDE to stable, so 1 is less (Xfce 32bit).
Not enough time to manage so many editions.

Hello Pavroo.

I understand. I presume there is not that much demand for 32 bit versions anymore.
But there are some older, excellent, old 32 bit machines still around.
This is of course a matter of taste, but in my opinion Xcfe is the best desktop for older machines, although LXQt is not bad too.
If possible I will and probably other people as well appreciate it, if not possible I will understand.

man tasksel


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