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What laptops have proved SparkyLinux friendly?

Looking for under $400. in the USA.

15.6" display - desktop replacement features.

e.g. HP lists Linux support for their ProBook 650 G2
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I'll look at new, manufacturer reconditioned, and user refurbished.


Is SparkyLinux not often used on laptops?

Or, does everyone use more expensive laptops?

Is there any reason to anticipate the HP ProBook 650 G2 not working?


No NVidia graphics and the mention of support on their website for info on it  for Ubuntu is encouraging.  I am not qualified or willing to comment on the various wifi versions, but the mention of Ubuntu being supported would lend hope, but ...   If you find success stories on web via individuals installing linux onto it,  that would be even more encouraging. 

If you can stumble across a Dell XPS should be smooth sailing. My 9360 has ran everything I've thrown at it.

If one installed Debian Buster or Bullseye could one then install SparkyLinux from there on a HP Chromebook 14?

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Or maybe directly install SparkyLinux on it using his instructions?



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