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[SOLVED] New Install Fails


Used Advanced installer on a SSD

New Stable install refuses to boot - just stalls at a flashing -

Hardware is a Dell desktop. BIOS set to Legacy.

Does this look OK?

/dev/sda2 458.98 GiB

/dev/sda2 ext4 458.98 GiB boot
/dev/sda1 linux-swap

Note 1: I checked the integrity of the download, all good.

Note 2: I can view movies when booting from the USB - so that test is good.

Where should I look for the problem, please?

NOTE 3: I'm trying the standard Installer rather than the Advanced Installer ... will post here once it's done and I test it.

NOTE 4: The Standard installer worked fine - all looks good so far! Testing install on a laptop now ...



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