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Need a lil help/Openbox

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I run  6 polo rollo
LXQt with the openbox noir(incredible)
Where do I go to default the monitor resolution to 1366 768
All restarts take me back to 1920
Thanks amigos

Lotsa views. No thoughts ?

Well, the only place I can see where you set it is in Prefs - and I'm guessing you have told it to save the setting.

I see there is a Settings button on that dialogue that allows you to access saved settings, so they must be held somewhere.

In LXDE it uses lxrandr to handle the display setting - not sure about lxqt.

A quick search reveals it may use xrandr in which case this may help
--- Code ---
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Sorry but I do not use lxqt so cannot make any other suggestion.

OK. Here ya go

/home/doug/.openbox Create one with your name.
Take the xrander sh that it creates and paste it in there
Got the info from the guys at Crunchbang++

Check the Wiki page as well:

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