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I am in AWE.. SparkyLinix is AMAZING!

Started by mrlen, July 27, 2021, 12:15:35 AM

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WOW .. SparkyLinux is absolutely awesome!

Why didn't I find this distro earler?

After 'playing around' with Linux for about 13 years, I finally became a full time Linux user about 2 years ago. I've tried dozens of distros. Not content to just look up system requirements and believe the 'numbers' -- I've even purchased a dozen different laptops to see which distros will work best on different powered laptop. I've tried all the main distros with every kind of laptop from atom based Toshiba with max 2GB of ram to a Dell i7 with 16GB of ram. I have my list of favourite disros, but I'm not going to mention them here, because SparkyLinux just came form the back of the pack and shot straight to the top in 24 hours. NOne of them matter to me anymore. They're dead to me. *lol

I didn't know about SparkyLinux until yesterday. 24 hours later, I literally feel GIDDY at how AWESOME this distro is. THis is EXACTLY what I've bene looking for for 15 years since Windows XP -- which is the last Windows version that I actually enjoyed using. After that, it was a decade of frustration and sadness. It was my personal 'digital dark ages'.

But since I found SparkyLinix, I have been THRUST into a GOLDEN AGE!

The main thing that got my attention is that it's the only lightweight XFCE disstro that would actually let my little atom 2GB Toshiba play videos. And believe me, I've tried them all! I - TRIED - EVERYTHING! I even resorted to Puppy, which is a tiny disro, but SparkyLinux runs BETTER than Puppy! *without all the glitchiness and jankiness.

I've been using Linux Mint, Cinnamon as my daily driver for over a year. That's the distro that I found to offer the best combination f everything I personally like and need. However, even with Linux Mint, I wasn't 100% content. It's a great distro -- but I just felt like I hadn't found my 'soul OS'.

I am enjoying SparkyLinux better than Linux Mint, for a number of reasons. And like I said, it's only been 24 hours. Right now I am typing from a Toshiba celeron with 4GB of ram and it's running as if it were an i7. I spent several hours last night looking at the customisation options. I now have an awesome desktop with an OS that is BLISTERING fast! I mean, I'm talking Flash Gordon fast!

I'm testing all the functions and features like using my USB headset, external monitor, USB keyboard and mouse, etc. Everything has passed and worked without a single problem -- which is more than I can say for many code-bloated distros.

I'll be spending some time around here I reckon..

Sparky is basically just Debian with XFCE, which is all I ever really wanted, without really knowing it.

SparkyLinux is my new favourite distro. I can see already that's not going to change any time soon.


I twin soul :) Read my Distrowatch review from July 26, 2021:
Although I tested Sparky in the past, I've come back recently.
If you can, sell one or two of these old notebooks and help the devs  8)


Sparky REALLY is amazing. I have also installed and it looks very beautiful and simple. i installed the openbox version. very fast. everything works out of the box. Boki


Sparky has literally saved my life. I owe Sparky for a whole lot. Sparky has enabled me to do things with otherwise dead machines that none other could; I could not get anything but Sparky or Debian Testing to install on 3 old dead machines and managed now for two years running to keep up with most of my lifes needs yet still destitute yet able to network enough to get what I need to survive. I can not imagine what thrill it would be like to have Sparky spinning on a fully functional machine. Must be Godlike Powers.
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