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Simple mode APTUS / advance mode APTUS (for upgrade)

Started by Oulik, July 14, 2021, 11:01:41 AM

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I have a suggestion for improvement.

When doing a full upgrade with APTus all kinds of output is generated where the user must make an input, press q to continue, select where to update the GRUB, (menu with and select with space bar etc.)

For a new user, this is difficult. I have given a friend an old laptop with Sparky stable version 32 bit and he struggles because he is new to Linux.
Is it not possible to make a difference or setting that APTus uses a simple default mode for new users and an advance mode for advanced users?
In this case, it reduces the learning curve (cold water fear) for new users who migrated from Windows.


Most packages come from Debian repos, and some of them reqiure users activity, so sometimes you have to confirm your upgrade, sorry.
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