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Os X on your wintel box?


Im not sure if its possible, but I heard that it might be possible to get OS X on your intel platform. O_0. does anyone else know if this is even possible, and if so, how to do it?

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There are probably better places to search for this.   License issue also.

However if you desire to use a base system that Mac OSX develops their finished product from - you can always go with FreeBSD.   The way the FreeBSD software license is set up, companies can take it and change it (in this case fairly drastically) and make money off of it as opposed to GPL3.   No, FreeBSE won't look much like Mac OSX and it has a higher learning curve than Sparky and other Debian variants.   

If you get the right hardware, it is rock solid.   Sparky is a lot easier.   


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