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GTK3 package poss. regression

Started by dougm, June 26, 2021, 06:43:36 AM

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Hi, I upgraded my SparkyLinux from buster to bullseye.  All went well, but I found that libgtk-3-0 went from: 


That sounds good, but 3.24.24 has a bug that prevents setting of GTK TextView cursor-aspect-ratio.   This was fixed in 3.24.25-1.  How can I update my SparkyLinux bullseye to use GTK 3.24.25 or newer? 

If that's not possible, when will SparkyLinux have GTK 3.24.25 or newer?



There is libgtk-3-0 3.24.29-1 in Debian experimental repos so you can try to upgrade the package manually or wait until Debian devs move it to Sid then to testing repos.
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pavroo -- thanks for the tip!  Here's what I did to upgrade  libgtk-3-0 from 3.24.24-4 to 3.24.29-1 in Sparky 6:

1.  Created /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sparky-experimental.list, containing:

deb experimental main

2.  apt update

3.  apt -t experimental install libgtk-3-0

This gets libgtk-3-0  3.24.29-1.

4.  Reboot.

5.  Recompile my GTK app.

Now my app has the "cursor-aspect-ratio" fix I wanted and there appears to be no problems (yet) !  I then commented out:

deb experimental main

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