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Author Topic: New plugin Menu - Mod. for the LXPANEL 0.10.1  (Read 452 times)

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New plugin Menu - Mod. for the LXPANEL 0.10.1
« on: May 28, 2021, 02:52:25 pm »
Hello sparkers.
I have modified the lxpanel for which we still use LXDE, the file is in debian. Try it if you want and tell me what you think, what is wrong or what we could change. It carries a plugin in the style of slingshot's panther menu with a menu setting made with YAD. The rest of the plugins I have refined to my liking with icons already pre-installed in the LXPANEL folder ...
I advise you if you want to have compton.
Has translations of the menu and setup in several languages ​​...
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