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Hello everyone. Is it possible to rewrite the upgrading script so it downloads all the upgrades first and then applies them, rather than installing each downloaded upgrade. I think it is safer this way . I once suffered a power cut, which is often in my country, while upgrading and it left me with broken system. I had to re-install the system again .Thanks. :)

You can do it cli in a terminal. 
Of course if you are in a root terminal you do not need sudo

man apt     doesn't seem to show the -d flag for download only

First you would have to do ((sudo)) apt update)

then in Stable - Sparky5

((sudo))  apt upgrade -d

testing sid   -- Rolling Sparky6
((sudo))    apt full-upgrade -d

Thanks Paxmark1. I will use it, but I still wish you modify the upgrading script. Thanks.

I am just a hobbyist, I never got more than a  C+ ( not even a B minus)  in any computer course in the late 70's.   It is others who would have to change aptus.    I can testify that the -d flag is very very helpful when using Sid-unstable

I forgot to write that after sudo "apt upgrade -d"   that you would need to run "apt upgrade"  to upgrade them all, or in a rough patch of Sid where perl or python or C is going through  a major upgrade you can "cherry pick" your specific upgrades via apt install foo  foo1  foor 2         -  foo being whatever binaries you wish to install. 

peace out


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