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Trouble with pcloud client

Started by Liacchin, May 04, 2021, 07:16:38 PM

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I am having trouble with the AppImage client for pCloud. I can run it, but every time I try to connect it gives me the error message (translated) No Internet connection, depite being onlide from wi-fi. I have redownloaded the client to no avail. Any of you have experienced the same trouble?


I use a bin file for pcloud, no Appimage I downloaded it and made it executable. Thats it.
Works fine for me.
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From where you downloaded the bin file? I use the Appimage client they had in their website (after making it executable), and while the app itself runs fine, they just refuse to connect to the server and keep claiming I have no internet despite the Wi-Fi running fine and every other internet application connecting without problem.

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