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Acer one 10 s1002 (very simmilar to s1003) 2 in one


I have an old 2 in one (Keyboard dock non functional)
This is a very picky box (64 bit with 32 bit uefi)
Happily sparky 5 loaded up just fine with most things working great
One small problem is it see's the hdmi audio (great) but not the internal speakers or headphone port.
Any suggestions would be great.


Have you looked at pavucontrol gui?    For diving into the nuts and bolt -  the deeper plumbing of sound "pactl"   is good.   There is a learning curve for it. 

posting the output of lspci or inxi can help us see the exact names of hardware

for flags "man inxi"   

possibly "inx -AbGM"       (audio, basic, graphics and machine flags)

peace out

Yes tried pavucontrol first but no luck.

I will post output of those commands when I am at home with the tablet



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