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Sparky Linux 6 Feather edition is a community distro of Sparky with a lightweight JWM/PCmanFM desktop,same as the portable Sparkybonsai. Sparky Linux Feather is an installable/upgradable copy of Sparky Linux, minimal still full functional.

The purpose of this lightweight edition is to make useful older hardware machines or save resources for the new ones.

Download x86-64 version (only) at:

--- Code ---
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Pre-installed software:

* Redshift screen color temperature adjuster
* Mousepad text editor
* Firefox-esr web browser
* Mute e-mail client
* Blueman bluetooth support
* Xarchiver archiving tool
* Galculator
* Ristretto image viewer
* Xpdf pdf viewer
* Xscreensaver
* LXterminal
* Synaptic package manager with xapian index
* Mplayer media player
* Sparky APTus
After installation edit/modify the file ~/.startup to enable bluetooth, touchpad options, keyboard layout etc.
Edit also ~/.config/redshift.conf to modify lat/lon to your dimensions (find out the precise ones on google map or something).

Localization via Menu-System-Setup locales or:

--- Code: ---sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales
--- End code ---


Any CPU x86-64
Full installed volume 4.5 GB

Known bugs:
After a successful installation, Advanced Installer may fail to configure properly the Slim login manager.

Solution: Login with your username/password and edit/modify /etc/slim.conf or give the commands:

--- Code: ---sudo sed -i 's/live/<username>/g' /etc/slim.conf
--- End code ---
(replace <username> with your user name)

--- Code: ---sudo sed -i 's/#default_user/default_user/g' /etc/slim.conf
--- End code ---

To enable auto-login:

--- Code: ---sudo sed -i 's/#auto_login/auto_login/g' /etc/slim.conf
--- End code ---

If you enjoy this edition, consider sending a donation to our favor Debian distribution, Sparkylinux.
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