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Started by BonsiUser, April 12, 2021, 06:18:01 PM

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Hello everybody. My interest in Linux came from a long time ago, I have an ITX board based on Atom and 2 GB of RAM, which is the heart of my home server, it is a media server, a web server and a NAS. The main idea is to have a system that runs in RAM and every time it is reset it stays as it was in the beginning. For it to run on RAM I need it to be compact, and there is nothing better than Linux for a compact OS. In the beginning I was looking for small distributions that had enough installable packages. The chosen option was Slitaz. I started using version 3.0 and I am currently using 4.0. But unfortunately the stable version 5.0 has never arrived and it seems that the development is discontinued. Now I am selecting the distribution that will replace the old Slitaz system. Looking for a Debian-based mini distro, I came across SparkyBonsai. For a few months I was testing version 1.0. From this version I did not like the JWM's color distribution in the properties windows and I changed it to OpenBox. The result was very visual, but the menus were depleted. Now I see that version 2.0 has already been released, this version has a new distribution in the colors of the properties windows, I am going to test that it works.

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